Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Surgery Recovery

Thank you!

Thank you for all of you for your nice, caring, loving comments about my son's surgery this week. I truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you offered for my family.

Zachariah is home and doing great! After a few hours of observation at the surgery center, he was able to come home. He rested on the couch the rest of the day, then slept all night in his bed only waking when we got him up for more pain medication.

Today he's been a little perkier. He's not too afraid to eat and has tried popsicles, jello and pudding. And he's drinking a little juice and water too. I even talked him into a bath this afternoon, hoping he'd feel good after that. He did. And with the sunshine outside, we even went out in the yard to swing on the porch swing together for a short while.

Otherwise, he's just resting and watching lots of cartoons. We decided to try a Netflix streaming video trial. This has given him lots of new options for things to watch while he's stuck on the couch (or recliner) recovering. And I know he's enjoying all the new shows he's never seen.

Matt and I are doing great too. We're just doing what we can to make this little guy comfortable and relaxed. We are giving him pain meds regularly for now just to keep him from feeling too bad. And of course we're there to grab him juice, popsicles and other stuff when he needs it. Plus there has been lots of cuddling on my lap too.

Matt was able to go back to work today, but it was nice to have him here all day yesterday to help out. After we brought Zachariah home, Matt was able to run to the pharmacy for meds he needed. And he brought home lunch and went to get supper later for him and I. So I could just take care of my little man and rest a little myself (it was an early morning). He also gave Zachariah meds this morning, since I'd gotten up with him in the night. That was a nice break, and I was able to sleep a bit longer.

I think tonight and tomorrow will be better. Fortunately Zachariah is sleeping well at night, especially since he isn't napping during the day. And my mom is coming for a while tomorrow. She's bringing along a movie he wanted to see, "Hop", and I think she got him a new game. He'll enjoy that. And maybe he'll be a little more chatty.

So thank you all for thinking of us. I'll probably be able to catch up on my review/giveaway posts again soon, since I'll need to stay home until Zachariah is a little better. And as he's feeling better he won't need me as much. It's a great thing!

*Update: This post was supposed to go up last week. At this point Zachariah is back to school, eating much better and feeling great! It's amazing how quickly children can bounce back like nothing happened. An the best news is that he's been off antibiotics for 3 weeks and hasn't gotten sick. I think we made the right choice with this surgery!


Jessica Kramasz said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Thanks for the update!