Friday, January 4, 2013

When Sickness Hits

I thought we were starting out 2013 well. Then the great sickness hit our house the next day. About 10:00AM I was in the bathroom vomiting. I had my OB appointment at noon, so I managed to still make it. I was really hoping that it was a fluke, and I was done with whatever had bugged me. When I met Matt before the appointment, he mentioned he hadn't felt well all morning either.

My OB gave me advice about how to keep ahead of this and when to call if it did indeed get worse. It did. By the time I got home, I was sick again. I went straight to bed, but by 2:00PM Matt came home from work. He was getting sick too. We had the stomach flu. Ugh. I can't remember both of us being sick like this before at the same time.

I was just hoping and praying that Zachariah didn't get sick too. About 3:30PM I got a call from the school. He had vomited as they were getting packed up to go home. So they kept him in the office (instead of sending him on the bus). I dragged myself out of bed and went to pick him up. Poor guy. He seemed to be better off that Matt or I, but was still sick a few more times.

By nighttime everyone slept well with no sickness in the night. And yesterday we were all able to keep fluids down and eat little bits of crackers and toast. We all stayed home to rest, though. And even today Matt & I are feeling weak with no energy. (Not eating for 2 days will do that to you.) But Matt went back to work, and Zachariah is back to school.

I'm glad that this sickness is over, and I pray that we don't get it again. Ugh.

I'm very thankful that it passed quickly. I was fortunate not to have to go back to the doctor to be re-hydrated. It was close, but by 12 hours I was able to start keeping water down. I don't think I'll be any worse for the wear, but it would be really nice not to get sick again during this pregnancy.

For the rest of you, I hope that your family is having a very healthy new year!

I'll be getting back to blogging soon. Thanks for hanging around!


Jana said...

Oh no! I hope you get back to 100% soon!

The Brass and Woodwind Shop said...

Being sick when you're pregnant is the worst! I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant and we've been sick with the flu for four weeks. We seem to keep passing it around to each other. Glad you're feeling better!