Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adopted Eddie by Darren Maddern book Review

Growing up I had a friend who was adopted. I always thought that was cool. (She did too!) What was unique about her situation was that her parents adopted her after hearing from doctors that they've never be able to have children. And about 2 years after they adopted their beautiful daughter, they found out they were pregnant. So, she got to be a big sister. And a few years after that, they got pregnant again...for twin girls. So, she was still their first and much-loved child. She fit into the family so nicely and was a lovely person. (Sadly she passed away in a car accident when we were only 17.)

I've always been fascinated by adoption, and I think it is a lovely thing. I even had a few friends who have adopted their children and it's an amazing thing. Helping children to understand about their own adoption can be tricky for parents.

In the book "Adopted Ed" Eddie learns how to deal with things other kids say about his adoption. I think this book is fantastic. It talks about how Eddie came to be adopted, and how much he loves his parents. Then he must learn how to deal with a bully that is teasing him about being adopted. I love the parents' response to that situation. And eventually Eddie is old enough to start asking about his "real" parents, so they deal with that as it comes too.

"Adopted Ed" is a great book for children curious about adoption. The story is rhyming and fun. The illustrations by Erin Fusco are neat and entertaining for kids. We really enjoyed the book. I think it would be perfect for a child who has an adopted friend or is adopted. They will enjoy the story and relate to it easily.

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*I received a copy of this book from One2One Network to help my review.*