Monday, December 6, 2010

Cole Haan from

Have you checked out Cole Haan shoes from Zappos? I just looked over some of their selection, and I'm completely impressed. They have shoes, boots, handbags and more. You can definitely find something that suits your style with Cole Haan. They make shoes for women, men and children too.

Cole Haan has been around since 1928 when Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan made their first show. They started with men's footwear and had well made shoes that were great for "the dapper gentleman." Now their line includes so much more. They still make great men's shoes, but they also have women's and children's shoes plus handbags, belts and more.

I see several styles of Cole Haan women's shoes that I would love to have. They are great looking shoes with a classic style to them. I know a pair of their shoes would make me feel put together and ready to conquer the world. OK, maybe not that much, but their shoes do have an air about them that I really like. So make sure that you check out their stock at Zappos. It looks like they are continually introducing new styles too. And maybe there is someone on your Christmas list that would love Cole Haan shoes.

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