Monday, May 23, 2011

Aerobie Sprint Flying Rings Review

 Get up and get moving. This is something that all parents want their kids to do. We don’t want lazy children…at least I don’t. I’d rather have my son outside playing and being active. In the summer he often goes outside to play. We have neighbors that have boys close to his age. They will throw a ball back and forth across the fence or run around with each other.

GEDC2057 But sometimes the same old stuff gets tiring, and then you hear those dreaded words…I’m bored. Boredom shouldn’t be an excuse to stay cooped up inside, especially when the weather is nice. By providing my son with other options and activities we cure boredom in a snap.

Here is something fun and active that will keep your kids running this summer: the Aerobie Sprint ring. They have made this fun toy with movement/exercise in mind. The Aerobie Sprint ring is a frisbee like toy that you throw to each other. Instead of a solid circle, it’s a ring with the middle cut out. It’s made of rubber and has a sturdy inside that makes it glide through the air.

GEDC2056We have enjoyed the Aerobie Sprint ring. It’s fun to throw back and forth across the yard. My 5 year old is able to throw this easily, and he can really get some distance with it too! And best of all he’s outside enjoying a fun activity while playing. The design of the ring is great for long time use. It seems sturdy and it will stand up against repeated play with children and adults.

When you’re looking for fun summer outdoor toys, make sure you get a Aerobie Sprint ring. You can find them in most sporting goods stores, and you can search online to see where the closet place to buy them is. You can also purchase them online. They also have other fun outdoor toys that you will want to see. You can stay connected with them on Facebook too.


*Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & Aerobie Sprint who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.*


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