Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know you’re getting old when you previously had great vision, and then suddenly you need glasses. Am I right? Or maybe if you did need glasses (or contacts) before, you find that the older you get the greater your prescription gets. I know I’m not the only person who has been through this.

I turned 30 last year. And it was last year that I starting noticing problems with my eyes when I was reading. I was adjusting where I was holding books/newspapers/magazines when I read. So a quick trip to my local optometrist confirmed that I do indeed need eyeglasses for reading. I had to buy glasses for the first time in my adult life. I wear them when I read, do computer work, and most of the time around the house. I was happy that if I had to get glasses at least there are so many cute options. If that hadn’t been the case, I think I might have opted for contacts.

Right now I love the styles and options that I find for glasses. And there are many great places to get glasses online too.  Have you checked out yet? They have a big selection of glasses and the prices are reasonable too. I like that I can shop right there for what I what and even use their “try-it on” feature to see what the new glasses will look like on my face type.

So even if you find yourself needing new glasses as you get older, like me, there are great places to get them and so many varieties. I’m happy that glasses have found a place in fashion and style. At least I have something to work with.

Right now you can save 10% on your next order of glasses from with the code: Mommy10. And they are running a Get Ready for Summer Sale where you can take $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses using the code: Trans25. These are limited time offers, so be sure to get in on them now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I was in the same boat. I was actually noticing that my eyes were constantly dry and irritated. I had no idea why. My vision had always been perfect. I too decided I better take a trip to the eye doc. He confirmed that I was nearsighted of all things. It has been 6 months that I have had my glasses and it has made a difference. I didn't get contacts because of the dry eye issue, but that didn't bug me too much. Especially when there are cute styles of frames to choose from. Plus I like to think that I look smart. Thanks, Patricia

Julee said...

Doesn't getting old bite? Thirty something took my eye-sight and I am still trying to remember to wear my's been like 10 years! LOL

Megan said...

I noticed 2 years ago when I was 29 that I was squinting to see details clearly. The Dr said my eyes had changed shape, but I needed a different prescription. I had 10 years without change, but I guess my third baby just wanted me to see things differently. aka: mnmspecial

Gina said...

Getting old sucks.. I'm supposed to be wearing glasses for reading, driving etc. but do I? Nope lol I am trying to get along without them as long as I can!
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