Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pediped Shoes Review

pediped Flex Adrian Navy Orange 300

It is so hard to get cute, stylish children’s shoes that are everything I want. Pediped has shoes that are made specifically for children’s little feet. They carry three lines of shoes for infants, toddlers, and children. Each line has unique features for your young child’s age and stage in life.

First Steps Originals are made specifically for infants and children learning to walk. They are made to mimic walking barefoot while protecting your little ones feet and getting them used to having shoes on. You can find them in size XS(0-6 mo) – L(18-24 mo).

The Next Steps shoes are Grip ‘n’ Go. These shoes are for busy toddlers from early walking/toddling to confident walker. With this shoe you will find a soft rubber sole and rounded edges like the shape of your child’s foot. They also feature heel stability and a soft toe box for better grip. You can get the Grip ‘n’ Go shoes in sizes 4-7(9 mo-3 yrs).

And lastly the Big Step shoes are called Flex. These specific shoes are made for bigger kids who are confident walkers. They help develop a solid, natural stride with their cushioned arch support and soft, flexible soles. You can get the Flex shoes in sizes 5-13.5 (1 yr-7 yr).

We picked out a pair of Flex shoes for my 5 year old, size 11 wearing boy. All the styles are so cute. It was really hardly  picking just one, but we settled on the Adrian in Navy/Orange (pictured above). I love that they have a velcro closure that he can easily do himself (although I’m starting to think I’m doing him a disservice by not teaching him to tie his shoes).  The soles of the shoes are so flexible, I can see why they are great for young kids.

Zachariah loves the way his new shoes fit. He will flex his foot to show me how far the shoes bend. They are great! The color and style suits him, and he would wear them everywhere if I would let him. Well, he has pretty much worn them everywhere. And he got them covered in mud! (It’s been a wet, muddy spring here in Ohio.) Fortunately for us one of the best features (if there weren’t enough already) is that these Pediped shoes are washable. Hurray for moms! (Not all of the styles are washable, but there is a search you can use if you’re looking for only washable…and with a little boy I need that.) They came out of the washer squeaky clean and looking brand new.

Our experience with Pediped has been great. I love so many things about them. And they have a wonderful selection of shoes that are made right for young kids. For your children- boys and girls- you’ll find something just right for you from Pediped. You can find Pediped shoes on their website or in stores near you and online as well.

*Disclosure: Pediped sent me a pair of shoes, so I could share my opinion about them with you.*