Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baseball Guys from Kaskey Kids

Imaginative play is so important for children. In a world full of television, videos, gaming systems, electronics, computers and the internet, our children don't always get enough time to play by themselves with small things. This sparks creativity and is great for all kids to do from time to time. Having a few great toys for your kids to use doesn't hurt either.

Kaskey Kids makes some great little toys that kids will love to play with over and over again. Their action figures with sports guys are a hit with my son. They have all sorts of different sports guys- Baseball Guys, Hockey Guys, Soccer Guys & Girls and Football Guys too.

The Kaskey Kids Sports Guys are little plastic toys in shape of sports players. Your kids can arrange a whole game and play over and over with them. Older kids will love setting up plays and acting out a whole game with their two sports teams against each other.

The Sports Guys come in different colored sets, so you can choose the colors that you'd like. Or if your kids are really into football, they will appreciate the College Football Guys that come in some of the most popular teams, like Ohio State (sorry that one was for us). They can collect all their favorites and pair them together for a great show down.

We already have a Football Guys set that my son enjoys. Now we have a Baseball Guys mini pack. This just has one baseball team. These are great for a smaller gift, especially for someone who already has sports guys. You can add another team for their baseball games or football games. The full sets come with 2 teams and a play mat with the sports field to go along with it. The Football Guys even has goal posts that you can set up and use.

I think the Kaskey Kids Sports Guys are great for children who are sports lovers. And this is something that they can use and be creative with. It will be great fun to play with a friend and see who "wins" the game. You can purchase Sports Guys at various store locations or at their online store. These are perfect toys for gift giving!

*Disclaimer: I received a product for review. All opinions are my own.*