Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's winter and with the cool weather comes dry, chapped lips. I have found a great product that helps with my lips in the winter, spring, and all year round- Softlips. Each season Softlips introduces new varieties that are fun and yummy to use.

Right now the winter flavors come in dual packs. You can get Softlips in Winter Mint/Vanilla, Sugar Cookie/Raspberry, and Sugar Cookie/Cherry. I got to try some of these, and my favor scent is the Sugar Cookie. Mmm, it's a sweet scent/flavor that leaves you feeling a little more sweet.

I enjoy using Softlips all year round to keep my lips soft and moist. It's easy to have a tube in my purse, pocket, or my medicine cabinet at home too. In fact I do keep Softlips in all of these places. And I have one beside my bed for those nights my lips are feeling chapped. When I put it on at night, my lips are so much better in the morning. My son also has several around the house that he can use as well. With all of their great scents/flavors to choose from my whole family has ones that they like and use regularly.

The winter varieties are available at stores like Walmart, Target and Ride Aid for $3.99 for the dual packs through the winter season. You can also get an exclusive Winter 5-Pack at in their store with all the winter flavors and a bonus Mint with a Hint of Vanilla. That set is available for $9.99 and comes in a festive blue sachet.

Softlips likes to keep in touch with their fans. You can find our the latest information (I'm sure their new spring flavors will be out soon), news, consumer offers and more at,, and Softlips are available for purchase on their website and other various stores near you.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*