Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – First Lost Tooth

Last night Zachariah had his first t-ball game of the season. He was all dressed up and ready to go. He had a great game! He got to home every time he was up to bat. He hit great, and he had a great play in the field.

Then on the way to dinner after the game...his tooth fell out. This is his first, so he was so excited. It wasn't even that loose (I didn't think), and it just popped right out. I hope the rest of his teeth come out this easy.

Matt thinks I'm crazy, but he looks so much older without that tooth. My baby is growing up!

So proud to have lost that 1st tooth!

Placing the tooth for the Tooth Fairy

Trying to go to sleep anticipating the tooth fairy

Hey Mom, I think this other tooth is loose too! *wiggle wiggle*


Candace said...

Just wait until those perm. teeth come in its amazing how different they look then!

XmasDolly said...

Now he's too cute! Go to sleep little man the tooth fairy is coming! hehhehehehe

Shelley said...

Hope the tooth fairy was good to him! And I agree they do look older when they start losing their teeth.

bonniebee said...

Tooth fairy pillows on etsy. Let me know if you want to feature a giveaway!