Monday, February 6, 2012

Boo! Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner

Do you worry about your children this time of year? Not only are the germs going around at school, but so is the lice. Yuck! It makes me itchy just thinking about it. It's tough when I have to send my kid to school in a hat and coat because it's cold. And I know that hat and coat hangs right by everyone else's in the class. So far we have not had problems being exposed to lice in Kindergarten, but if we do I will turn to So Cozy Boo! Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner.

This special shampoo and conditioner will help repel lice. Now you don't have to worry about your child getting it at all. Just start using it if there's an outbreak at your children's school. Or you can use it all season for further precautions.

Boo! Shampoo and Boo! Leave-In Conditioner, created by kids’ hair authority Cozy Friedman,are gentle enough for everyday use and include ingredients that add body, shine and strength to your child’s hair.  Both contain the invigorating scent of fresh tea tree oil. Designed to be used together for maximum defense, the Boo! duo also provides protection from other insects such as ticks. The set includes:
  • Boo! Shampoo ($14.50): Scare lice away with natural repellents like pure tea treerosemary and lavender oils.  Good-for-you ingredients such as aloe and panthenol soothe the scalp and add body and shine.  To use, apply a modest amount to wet hair and massage into a low lather. Leave in for up to five minutes and rinse.
  • Boo! Leave-In Conditioner ($14.50): This lightweight detangling spray keeps lice on the run with repellent ingredients including tea tree, rosemary and lavender oils. Ultra-healthy aloecalendula, and wheat protein soothe the scalp, strengthen hair and prevent damage from blow drying. To use, lightly mist over the hair and scalp and brush or comb through.  Ideal for use following Boo! Shampoo, the formula can also be applied to dry hair while playing outdoors or anytime you want to strengthen the line of lice defense. 

It's easy to use the Boo! Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner. You just use the shampoo at bath-time like usual. The conditioner can be used any time. You can put it on after bath and leave it sit in the hair or you can use it anytime you know your children need to keep the bugs away. And my favorite part is that these products are made with natural ingredients that help and are good for you too.

You can find the Boo! Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner at any one of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids three New York City locations: 1125 Madison Avenue and 84thStreet, 212.744.1716; 448 Amsterdam Avenue at 91st Street, 212.579.2600; and 1416 Second Avenue, 74th Street, 212.585.COZY, or by visiting

*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*


annies home said...

sounds like a product that would come in use for those who need it great review

Unknown said...

I love that it's called "Boo!" shampoo! :)