Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Thing He's Cute!

Easton with Great-Grandma Gloria

This is my nephew Easton. He is 20 months old. He is a ball of energy, unlike any kid I've seen his age. The exception might be my sister, his mother, when she was his age. I don't remember, but I've heard stories. And I remember how active and lively she was when she was a bit older.

Easton is also one of the smartest 20-month-olds I've seen. He has been talking for a while now. He started pretty young. His pronunciation is fantastic, and he's so curious to learn new words all the time. He's been putting together full sentences for a while now.

Easton is at the point where he knows everyone's names. He gets very excited when he sees us. You should see this little guy run after his only cousin..."Zacky!!!" he squeals when he sees my son. Every time. One of these days I need to get it on video. He little runs at him full force and squeezes him tight. It's so funny.

Now he's naming the rest of us too. Supposedly he has said "Sarah" or "Aunt Sarah" before, but I've not heard him say it. Once in the car on the way to my house, they told him they were coming here and he said "Yay! Aunt Sarah's!" with his fist raised in the air.

But he will say "Papa" for my dad, his grandpa. He calls my son "Zacky" like I mentioned. He'll point to my husband and say "Itsa Itsa Matt." That means: it's Matt or that's Matt. He says "itsa itsa..." about a lot of things. Too cute! But when we ask him who I am, he won't answer. I've never heard him say "Sarah".

We were at a funeral visitation this week where my whole family saw each other. Easton was running around and being nuts. Then I mentioned that he named everyone when we got there, but he wouldn't say my name. So we asked him. He pointed to his mom- "Mommy", grandpa- "Papa", Zachariah- "Zacky!", Matt- "Matt", grandma- "Gramma", then me. At first he doesn't say anything...

Then he says it. Easton points at me and says "Gramma." WHAT??!! We said no, this is Sarah. And we all tried convincing him to say Sarah. He wouldn't do it...wouldn't even try. Of course Matt found this hilarious (I did too a little) and kept asking him just to hear him say it. Apparently I'm now dubbed "Gramma" to my nephew. Ugh, I don't think I like this new development.

So I guess I won't take it personally and hope that someday SOON Easton figures out who I am! Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt? Love it!