Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kidorable Knitwear Set

Well, their products are for kids and they are certainly adorable. The name Kidorable really does say it all for this fantastic kids product company. From raincoats and umbrellas to hats and scarves, they have things kids will need with the cutest details ever.

If you've been around my blog for any point of time, you know that I have a big love for Kidorable. My son has several of their items, and he loves them all. All of his things come from the Pirate Style which he thinks is great. For girls and boys alike their style lines are great for young children. Girls will love the Butterfly and Ballerina items. Boys will get a kick out of the Dragon Knight and Space Hero. And there are many more options for everyone to enjoy!

We have the Pirate Boots & Backpack, which my son gets complimented on wherever we go. We gave my nephew the Pirate Hooded Towel that he loves. And now for winter my son got the Pirate Knit Gloves, Knit Hat, and Scarf. Zachariah was so excited to get these. He's been wearing them a lot this winter.

My favorite thing about the Kidorable products are the cute little details that they add to everything. The Pirate Hooded Towel has an eye patch the hangs over the front of the hood. The Pirate Knit Set is just as great. Each piece has little decals sewn on them, as you can see in the photo. The gloves especially are great with little pirate heads, palm tree, X marks the spot, and more. My son loves playing with them like they are little finger puppets. The scarf is fun and 3 colored with little decals at the end, so they can be seen when the scarf is worn. And the decals are on the top of the hat all the way around, so you'll always see the piratey things.

One little complaint I have is that the decals are felt pieces that are sewn on the knit clothing. The stitching has come apart pretty easily on ours. One of the pirate heads came off the finger of his gloves the first day he wore them. I've had to wash the scarf (car sickness, blech) and while the scarf itself held up great in the washer, the stitching on the decals is now coming loose there too. The good thing is that it's easy to add a few stitches myself and get everything back on.

Right now Kidorable is trying to reach 25,000 fans on Facebook. They are well on their way. And there is something in it for you. See what they have to say:
Each time Kidorable gets another 1000 fans (19k, 20k, etc.) we will post a special question on our Facebook page. All we ask for in return is a special place in your heart, a response to the questions we post, and the winner will be chosen at random to receive a $25 gift certificate to
On the day Fan 25,000 likes us on Facebook, we will give away 25 more $25 gift certificates to fans that posted comments throughout the contest. 

You can purchase the Kidorable products seen here plus so many more great things from And don't forget to like them on Facebook to get in on their big promotion-

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*