Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stanley Essentials All Purpose Creme; Aqua Clean Concentrate & G-X Disinfectant

Stanley Home makes products to help you in cleaning your home and a few special spa products for you as well. You can see the variety of things they carry on their website In addition to purchasing the Stanley Home products for yourself, you can also take the opportunity to make a little money by selling these products yourself. You will earn 35% on the products that you can sell in person, home shows, and on the internet too. To see more about the opportunity check out

I recently tried the Stanley Essentials All Purpose Creme. This comes from their Spa Solutions line of products. The creme is a classic formula of beeswax blended with rich emollients and moisturizers to cleanse, moisturize and protect. The All Purpose Creme helps soothe tired skin and preserve a youthful touch.

I liked using the All Purpose Creme especially on dry hands, arms and elbows. It's a great moisturizer that protects my skin. If you've never used beeswax lotion before, you're missing out. I enjoy the smell and the thinker creamy feel that the beeswax gives my skin too.

Another great product from Stanley Home is the Aqua Clean Concentrate laundry helper. This stuff is great to use on those items that require gentle cleaning. Soak your fine and delicate washables clean in just three minutes, while using half the water of an ordinary load! Save on dry cleaning costs, while using a family-friendly formula designed for safety. The Aqua Clean Concentrate is just one more way Stanley Home is here to help at home.

I am terrible about taking things to the dry cleaner. We just don't buy items that require such delicate cleaning. But there are a few things that would be nice to clean gently without hand-washing (another chore I avoid). Now it's easy to just through these in the washer on the gentle cycle with a little of the Aqua Clean Concentrate to get them nice and clean. The cleaner has a very light, pleasant scent. When the clothing is done, you don't even notice it on the clothes, but they are clean and ready to go without so much fuss.

The last product I'd like to feature from Stanley Home is their G-X Disinfectant, which comes from the Home Helpers line of products.This aerosol disinfectant spray gets into hard to clean places to help kill more than a dozen harmful germs and viruses, including Influenza A.

We have had a lot of sickness in my house the last few months. I think the Kindergarten germies have been terrible to my poor son. When he gets home from school, I make sure he washed his hands before he does anything else. I've also taken to disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, and other places that get touched a lot. I do this once a day when my son is fighting something. And even when he's not, it's nice to use the G-X Disinfectant to keep the germs away from the rest of us as best I can. The G-X Disinfectant is quick and easy to spray and wipe on those places that everyone's fingers touch all the time. It's very handy to have around, especially during cold and flu season.

All of these Stanley Home products and more are available from their website- You can also learn more and connect to them on Twitter and their Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: I received these products for review. All opinions are my own.*


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This seems like a great business to start. Thank you for all of the valuable information.

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Nina Say said...

I'll have to look into trying the disinfectant spray. I'm a firm believer that you cannot have enough of those sprays laying around.