Sunday, June 13, 2010

CSN Store/Boon Animal Bag Review

It’s been a while ago, but I did post a little something about the CSN stores here. They offer such a variety. I can’t believe how many things that you can find through all of their different stores. Every once in a while I just look around and think of all the things that I would love to buy from them.

The Boon Animal Bag is a fun children’s furniture/organizer piece that I’ve been eyeing for a while. When I was given this opportunity to choose an item to review from CSN stores, I browsed so many things. And when I discovered that they carry Boon products, I was thrilled. It’s such a great product and just what I’d been looking for to help organize my son’s room in a fun way.

Boon has three different Animal Bags. There is the largest- Trio, the medium- Otto, and the smallest- Oval. We got the Otto for this review. My son, Zachariah, has quite a large collection of stuffed animals. I thought that we’d need a lot of room for all his things.

The Boon Animal Bags are made of soft cloth with mesh openings. They are designed to put your children’s stuffed animals inside. It will hold many stuffed animals, and when stuffed it becomes a soft chair (like a bean bag chair). The soft part is like fur. It’s nice to the touch and fuzzy. The mesh openings are sturdy and large enough to stuff all the animals inside and fill the bag.

I thought we’d need the medium-size one with all the animals that my son has. I was hoping we could get at least most of his animals to fit in there. But the bag was larger than I expected. It’s huge. I’m very glad that we didn’t get the biggest size. With his collection we stuffed the bag full. It was very easy for my son to help. The zippers are easy to open and close. We used all the stuffed animals that he had and still had room left in the bag. In fact we even added some of his small pillows to fill the empty space. I really like that everything in it can be seen through the little windows. So when he does put all his loved animals in there, he can still enjoy them. They are easy to take out, and Zachariah is constantly taking different things in and out.

Once the Boon Animal Bag is stuffed with all your children’s well loved stuffed animals, they can use it as a soft plush seat. My son likes to drag his around the house and use it for different things. In his bedroom it is a perfect reading chair. He grabs a pile of books and sits down to look through them all in his comfy little chair surrounded by all his “friends”. In the living room it makes a great video game playing chair. He can pull it to the middle of the floor and play games with Daddy.

We did have a little problem with the Boon Animal Bag that we received. The first day we had it we filled it up and used it right away. The next day when my son was dragging it out, I noticed there was a tear on one of the mesh windows along the zipper. I was shocked and took a closer look. The mesh is really sturdy stuff and so is the rest of that bag. I had a hard time believing that it would tear easily. I pulled and tugged at the mesh along the other zippered areas. They didn’t budge. So my conclusion is that this was a manufacturing defect.

Having this issue allowed me to work with Boon directly. I contacted them immediately, even though my Boon Bag had come from CSN, because on the box it said to contact them directly with any problems. I sent an e-mail to their customer service. I was very impressed with how things were handled from there. Several people from Boon’s customer service helped me. They understood the problem and right away told me that this shouldn’t have happened. They agreed that it sounded like a manufacturing defect in my bag and wanted to fix it right away. Instead of me shipping the whole huge bag to them, I cut the torn portion off and mailed it to them. Let me say, that was a much cheaper way to handle that!  As soon as they received the defective piece, which was only a few days after I sent it, they sent out a new Boon Bag to me. It arrived within two days. The whole time they kept in touch through e-mail. I let them know when I sent the piece to them. They let me know right away when they received it and that a new bag was being shipped then too. It was the most pleasant customer service experience I’ve ever had.

The new Boon Animal Bag arrived at our house. I thoroughly inspected it. No tears in this one. It was solidly constructed just as I anticipated. The only other issue we’ve had is that one of the rubber/plastic zipper pulls came off when my son was using it one day. It looked like it would slip back on, but the side of the pull tore as I was getting it back on the zipper. Not a big deal to us, and I’m sure it was bound to happen with a young kid using it all the time.

We love our Boon Animal Bag. It’s fun and cheery. It really adds a lot to my son’s small room. And I love that it helps contain all his stuffed animal toys. I no longer cringe when he gets a new stuffed animal, because I know it will have a great home now.

Buy It: Whether it’s a Boon Animal Bag or a great kitchen gadget, CSN has it all. Go check out there 200+ stores for many of your online shopping needs.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions here are my own*


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that bag is super cute!! my son has the same race car bed, too :-)

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