Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday Morning

Good morning. I hope that you're all having a great start to your Monday. We had a really busy weekend. It was fun, but lots of activity going on.  You know that always means more work for me on Mondays.

It means the dishes piled up. It means the laundry sat and now needs work. It means I haven't cleaned much in the house. And it means there is more clutter that needs attention. So I'm off to work on that today.

I do have a few things happening here today for you all though. Keep your eyes open. I have several giveaways closing. I will get winners posted soon.

I have a new giveaway scheduled to be posted today. This is a great one you won't want to miss. I have a $80 gift certificate!

And it's Meet & Greet Monday, so welcome to the new readers. I have several giveaways still open, so be sure to get signed up for those as well. And there will be more great things coming this week (my birthday week!). Stick around and have a great week!


Shopper Gal said...

I LOVE birthday weeks. I generally turn mine into a birthday month :)-
Happy Monday!!

Shopper Gal

Tanja said...

Hi! I'm following you back from Tanja's Cupcakes.

Have a great day!

Hoosier Farm Babe said...

Now, following you back from Meet and Greet Monday! Thanks for checking out my lil blog!

Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am now following your blog too. :) Hope you have a great birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy early Birthday! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am following back now!

Tracy F. said...

Thanks for visiting my site and following me. I am now following you. I hope you have a great birthday!

Sandra Burns said...

Following back! Thanks for stopping by!