Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Old & Glasses

I am almost *gulp* 30 years old. Notice I said almost, so I am still 29. (Uh, OK, so I’m enjoying my last days of my twenties right now.)  There are so many things that we all start worrying about as we hit these milestones. We start to realize we are aging quickly and things with our body are changing. For instance I have not worn eyeglasses (contact or anything).  But I feel like it’s only a matter of time before I will need them.

I have pretty good eye sight. But the older I get the more I wonder about it. I don’t have problems seeing things. In the past few months, though I do notice myself adjusting a book (or whatever I’m reading at the time) so I can see it better. I didn’t do that before. I have a feeling a trip to the optometrist is in order for me. I might not necessarily need prescription glasses, but I probably should at least get my eyes checked out to see if they are indeed changing.

So, I realize that whether or not I need glasses at this point in my life, someday I will probably need them. I see it as a passage in life. I think it’s something that I can embrace. Just like turning 30 seemed like such a big deal 3 years ago, but now I’m ready for it. I’m way less worried about turning 30 now than I was when I was turning 28. It’s just here and now. It’s my life, and it’s all part of life. I just wonder what the next decade will hold for me.

And you know if I’m going to need glasses eventually, I’m glad it’s now. There are so many different options for glasses online right now. I know that I could get a really cute pair for a reasonable (or even cheap) price. Picking out cute glasses will make it even more fun. So tell me, do you where glasses (contacts)? When did you start needing them? Have you been able to find any cute options online? Share, please! I might need your help sooner than later.

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