Sunday, July 3, 2011

When I think of scrubs, I usually think about women’s scrubs. I’m not sure why. Male doctors and nurses and other male medical professionals wear scrubs too. Maybe it’s because women seem to care a little more about fashion with their scrubs. But with Blue Sky Scrubs you will fine very nice scrubs just for men- They carry several different types in varying colors too.

I like the selection of scrubs that Blue Sky Scrubs carries. It’s a good website if that’s the uniform that you need to wear for work. In addition to their men’s scrubs, they have lab coats, fashion scrubs, and many other even low rise scrubs. It’s easy to find the right thing here for any of your scrub needs.

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Leslie said...

PulseUniform is an store that sells Nurse uniform. They have different color scrubs available on their store.

Some of the leading products that sell are the black scrubs, chocolate scrubs , pink scrubs, royal blue scrubs and teal scrubs.

You can call them at 1.866.967.8573