Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fun Vote...Boy or Girl?

Today is election day. I hope that everyone who can gets out to vote. I was able to vote early, so my vote has been counted. Even if you're canceling out my vote, I would love to see that you voted. GO VOTE!

Now, let's do something more fun. You can vote right here.

I am 19 weeks pregnant!(20 on Thursday) Tomorrow is my big ultrasound. We will be finding out whether we're having another boy or a girl. Most of my family has a strong leaning towards girl, but maybe that's because we already have a boy.

What do I want? I honestly don't care either way. I've had so much fun being the mom to a boy. I was completely unprepared for a boy the first time, but now I wouldn't change it for a thing. (I grew up with two younger sisters & always babysat for girls). So I know what it's like and what to expect with a boy. Plus I still have all his baby clothes...which is a TON. That would help and we wouldn't have to buy much more.

If it's a girl, it will be fun to have one of each. This is especially true, because this might be our last baby. It would be nice to have another female in the house, as I'm outnumbered now. And all the cute girly clothes would be great! (I'm sure I'd spend way too much on clothes!)

So, either way is fine with me...really!

What do I think it is? By now in my last pregnancy I knew that I was having a boy. I'd had a dream a few weeks before our ultrasound that we had a boy. I couldn't get over the idea, and I just knew it was. I was right.

This time I don't have that strong of a feeling. My guess is girl. That is mostly based on how this pregnancy has been pretty different from the last. I was very sick and for longer than last time. Only in the last few weeks have I stopped taking my anti-nausea medication. It was a rough start. So, no big reason to thing it is a girl, but that's my official guess.

What do you think? This vote is way more fun than the political ones. What is your guess for me? Boy or girl?

If you want to ask questions to help you decide, you may do so in the comments. I'll answer them there for you. Then when we know what we're having, I'll be sure to announce it here for you all to share in our happy surprise. :D


Unknown said...

Well I was thinking boy until you said that you've been sicker this time than last, now I'm voting for girl. It might be a simple reason, but with both of boys I felt uncomfortable but never really sick. Then I got pregnant with my girl, and holy wow did I feel like crap! I guess little girls are more work from the gitgo ;)

Yvonne said...

i heard from my aunt that if ur bump is high up near ur chest, it's likely that it's a boy, and if it's lower it's a girl.

I wish u the best and give birth to a beautiful healthy baby :)