Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nelly and Caesar DVDs

From Organa Kids animated stories from France are brought to life in the new DVD series: Nelly and Caesar.

The product:
Newest title in a series of children's animate stories, Nelly and Caesar, charming tales from France launches in two volumes. Based on a successful book collection sold internationally, it sets itself apart with its graphic look and a unique 2D-3D treatment. The series stars Nelly, a mouse, Caesar, a frog, and their friends: Fred the beaver, Mina the squirrel, and Leo the hedgehog. Stories deal with simple issues and concepts introduce through the daily life adventures of Nelly and Caesar and their friends. IN each episode, Nelly & Caesar invite the audience to join them in a game inspired by the story. This "Learn through play" approach gives children something positive to imitate and to respond to, exploring nature, feelings, senses and friendship. It draws upon the success of the Nelly & Caesar education franchise, as seen on TV. 
Nelly and Caesar Volume 1 includes the episodes: Stumped for real, The Quarrel, The Treasure Hunt, A Bit of Peace and Quiet, Things that go Snap in the Night, Leo's surprise, The Surprise Picnic, The Search for a Lost Robot, The Farm Game, Kid's Nap, Shall We Dance, The Sunflowers, Fun for Three. Volume 2 includes The Garage Sale, Nelly Says!, Hide-and-Seek, The Sand Castle, Packed and Ready for Fun, SOS Operation Tomato Rescue, Stage Fright, Nelly and Caesar's Big Concert, Butterfly Wishes!, Promises, Promises..., Caesar's Boat, Happy Lending, Lucky Charm. 
Organa was established in 1995 with the mission of introducing American families to stores, characters and cultures from around the world through multicultural stories with universal themes. OrganaKids, a subsidiary of Organa LLC, is a company dedicated to promoting multiculturalism, original storytelling, and interactivity. Inspiring kids to have an awareness of the world as a whole (while being delightfully entertained), OrganaKids is creating products that balance technology and real-world experiences. The company's most recently released "Scavenger Traveler" app for the iPhone encourages kids of any age to explore their environment while traveling or at home, bridging that gap between real world experiences and the digital, without taking parents out of the equation. Other DVD releases include "Stores from East of the Moon," based on witty stories by Monty Python's Terry Jones; "Move with Me" series of Yoga DVDs for kids; "Dougie in Disguise" from Spain, and "The Adventures of Mouse & Mole" from the United Kingdom. On CD-ROM is the fascinating "Croatian Tales" based upon the book "Croatian Tales of Long Ago" animated by an international team of animators, illustrators, musicians, programmers, and actors. Midwest Book Review says of Organa's series: "A wonderful, family-friendly set for both home viewing and children's libraries." 
Nelly and Caesar is recommended for children ages 2-5, available for $19.95 per volume. 

What we thought: I like finding new videos like this. They are culturally stimulating for young children. It's great for them to learn about other areas and countries and see how things work there. And the videos are well made and fun for young children to view. I'm always looking for new things to expose my young child to that is age appropriate and these DVDs fit that well.

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