Friday, May 11, 2012

Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles #Giveaway (CLOSED)

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Do your kids love playing with bubbles outside in the summer? Mine loves it…always has. I have to make sure that we have them around for summertime fun. Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles are a magically colorful way for kids to enjoy one of their favorite outdoor activities and they’re now designed to clean up better!

The product: Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles aren’t ordinary bubbles. Because they contain color, they’re messy and will leave temporary colorful marks on skin, cotton and cotton-blend clothing and intended outdoor surfaces. This took some moms by surprise when they used the product last year. They loved the idea of bubbles in different colors, but weren’t expecting them to be messy. So Crayola quickly acted on parents’ feedback and created a new version that keeps all the fun for kid and makes clean up easier for parents. Color magically rubs off skin, hoses off of many outdoor surfaces and washes out of cotton and cotton blend clothing.

Before you get blowing, here are some simple tips for you that make playing with Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles and cleaning up even more awesome and enjoyable for both kids and moms.
  • Dress for Mess. Wear washable play clothes and shoes. It’s best to not wear suede, leather or any other material that can’t be washed.
  • Play Outside. An open grassy area is best away from new concrete, decks and porous surfaces like marble. Don’t use at formal events like weddings.
  • Rub skin to remove color.
  • Launder clothes promptly with water and detergent. Repeat washing may be needed.
  • Hose off outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and driveways to wash away color.

Crayola Colored Bubbles Collage

What we thought: When my son first started using the Crayola Outdoor Bubbles he chose the pink ones. He blew a few bubbles from the wand and said “Hey, these aren’t even colored!” He was right, they really weren’t too colorful. It was hard to see the color in them when we blew bubbles. It was mostly like blowing regular bubbles, except there was a lot of dye on the grass from the drips.

As far as making messes, we took precautions before we used the Crayola Outdoor Bubbles. Zachariah changed into an old shirt and pants. He put on his play shoes and we headed to a grassy spot in the yard away from any yard furniture, the house, and patio.

These bubbles are a little messy. The bubble formula is thicker than most and you can see the color in it in the bottle. Zachariah was pretty good about trying to lean over the grass when he was blowing bubbles, so any drips would fall to the ground and not on his clothes. He managed to keep his clothing free from the bubbles. His hand were another story.

We also got to use the Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubble Launcher. The launcher came with two containers of bubbles in different colors. We followed the directions and put the yellow bubbles in. It took a little time to get enough in the launcher for it to work. Our experience was that the launcher is hard to use. You have to turn the handle fairly fast to get it to put out bubbles. (You can see Zachariah’s concentration in the picture above.) And we didn’t get that many bubbles out of it. Mostly they just ran down the front and made a mess. Honestly, Zachariah got tired of it pretty quickly. It just didn’t work well.

I think the Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles are OK. They color isn’t bright, and they are messy, but it’s something different for a little fun. The launcher I don’t think works well. I would not buy it for us or others. It just didn’t work like it should have. Just stick with the bubbles, I say.

Where to buy: You can find Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles & Bubble Launcher in stores and online.

How to connect: Crayola has this product and so many more that you can see on their website- They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Prize: One of you will win the Crayola package like I received. It contains a Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles 3 pack and launcher.

Giveaway: This giveaway is open until 12:01pm EST 5/19/12. It is open to US residents only. Please enter in the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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*Disclaimer: The Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles product information and gift packs have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark.*


Natalie A. said...

I like that it's different then regular bubbles! Thanks!

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jayedee said...

i love good messy outdoor play...this sounds right up our alley!

debijackson said...

the idea of colored bubbles is what i like

Wild N Mild $$$ said...

I like that they are so different! Would love to try them with my son.

Jennifer Rote
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Kimberly said...

We have never tried them but it would be fun to try something new!

eclairre said...

It's fun & different.

jenmalonee said...

I like that the color magically washes off skin

Jennifer Marie

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Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

that they have managed to add more fun to bubbles
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Wendi said...

I like the colors and my kids love them and have a blast with them

Alisha K said...

I love that they are colored and would be very pretty.

Cinderella10383 said...

I love that they are colored and of course since it's crayola I know it's safe for my kids to use

Jamie Brigham
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Brooke T said...

they are bright!!

Lori Sifuentes said...

I like that the bubbles are colored.


rubynreba said...

We have never had colored bubbles and it would be fun to have something different!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

They're pretty, and my kids love them!

Unknown said...

I like that they are different

Katrina said...

I just like that it makes it a little more exciting
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b/c its different and the kids love bubbles
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carlaboo11 said...

i like that they are colored. it's something new and my boys would love it

Nikki said...

I love how fun and different they are! Bubbles -- and in color! So cool :)

coleycoupons said...

i love that they are colored.. my lo loves bubble snad these would so get her attention!

tmc480 said...

I like that they would keep my sons entertained