Friday, May 18, 2012

Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD

Ooh, wouldn't your kids like to search for treasure with Timmy and his little friends? They'd have the adventure of a lifetime. So, even though they can't truly do it with him, with this new DVD and a good imagination, I'm sure your kids will be able to join in the fun adventure.

The product: With Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure, on DVD now from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, there's tons of fun to boot-y with this all new release of Timmy. Come aboard and yo-ho-hold on as the lovable lamb gets his pirate on in five treasure-filled episodes that arrrrr sure to entertain your little swashbuckler again and again.

With slapstick humor and not a single line of dialogue, Timmy Time follows a day in the life of barnyard preschoolers. With diverse animal characters along with a rich and colorful nursery school backdrop, Timmy and his friends learn life lessons that every preschooler needs to know.

In this DVD there's LOOTs of fun to be had with Timmy and his mateys. Timmy practices his pirate captain skills, accidentally leading his crew to special treasure. There's mis-arrrdventure on the hunt for treasure and the crew must get creative to get back on course. Then when Timmy sets sail, he and his friends cause chaos on the seas. Join Timmy for some swashbuckling fun and see that good mateys are the best treasure of all!

The Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD comes the episodes: "Timmy Finds Treasure," "Timmy's Treasure Hunt," "Timmy's Tractor," "Timmy Makes a Splash," and "Timmy's Spring Surprise." Also on this DVD are bonus features Timmy's Day of the Week video and Shaun the Sheep bonus episodes "Spring Lamb" series- 2 episodes.

What we thought: Well, since my son loves Timmy Time and pirates are a latest obsession, this DVD was perfect for him. The piratey fun and searches for treasure were right up his alley. He enjoyed this DVD.

I've mentioned before that Shaun the Sheep and Timmy are favorites of mine. Of all the videos my son can watch, these are the quietest. Except for my son laughing at the silly antics, it's generally pretty quiet without the dialogue. This DVD is fun and a great addition to the Timmy Time line.

Where to buy: You can find the Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD in stores and online now.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*


TerriAnn @ Cookies and Clogs said...

How cute! I love how the lack of dialogue encourages children to use their imagination and powers of observation. This looks like a super cute DVD and I love the little sheep playing pirate :)