Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Illusion" by Frank Peretti {Giveaway - Ends 5/22} (CLOSED)

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After 7 years Frank Peretti releases a brand new novel "Illusion". A magician couple is ready to retire, but life doesn't always work the way you want it to. This SciFi story intertwines with love and mystery to bring you a wonderful story that you won't want to put down.

The product: "Illusion" is the latest great novel by author Frank Peretti. Here's a little more about the book:
Dane and Mandy, a popular magic act for forty years, are tragically separated by a car wreck that claims Mandy's life--or so everyone things. Even as Dane mourns and tries to rebuild his life without her, Mandy, supposedly dead, awakes in the present as the nineteen-year-old she was in 1970. Distraught and disoriented in what to her is the future, she is confined to a mental ward until she discovers magical ability to pass invisibly though time and space to escape. Alone in a strange world, she uses her mysterious powers to eke out a living, performing magic on the streets and in a quaint coffee shop. 
Hoping to discover an exciting new talent, Dane ventures into the coffee shop and is transfixed by the magic he sees, illusions that even he, a seasoned professional, cannot explain. But more than anything, he is emotionally devastated by this teenager who has never met him, doesn't know him, is certainly not in love with him, but is in every respect identical to the young beauty he first met and married some forty years earlier. 
They begin a furtive relationship as mentor and protegee, but even as Dane tries to sort out who she really is and she tries to understand why she is drawn to him, they are watched by secretive interests who not only possess the answers to Mandy's powers and misplacement in time but also the roguish ability to decide what will become of her.

What I thought: I have not read a whole Frank Peretti novel before. My mom has read his older books like "This Present Darkness" and "The Oath". Matt was really into them for a while too. When I tried to read them, they were just too deep for me and I couldn't get into the story. However, my reading choices have expanded immensely since then. So I was excited to see what I thought of Illusion. I was not disappointed...far from it. It was fantastic!!

This is one of the best books I've read in a long time! This story is not only about lost love found again, but it's a confusing maze of science experiments and time travel as well. The main characters in the story don't know what's going on for the longest time. Little clues start to pop up, and you realize that there is more to this than just a misplaced spirit. When the mystery starts to unravel, you quickly realize there are more players in this game than originally thought. By little by little your eyes will be open to what truly happened to Mandy and Dane.

I think this book is great for not only Frank Peretti fans, but anyone who enjoys the SciFi genre with a little mystery and intrigue thrown in. This book will catch you right away and you will want to keep reading to find out what comes next. This book is at the top of my current favorites. I highly recommend it!

Where to buy: You can find Illusion by Frank Peretti in stores and online now.

How to connect: You can find author Frank Peretti on his website- http://frankperetti.com/. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Prize: I have a copy of Illusion by Frank Peretti to give away to one of you.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*


Unknown said...

I haven't read any books by this author yet, but this one sounds wonderful! The idea of a love that seems to defy time. Thanks for the giveaway!

cjabdelnour said...

I have read THIS PRESENT DARKNESS/PIERCING THE DARKNESS and Monster. VERY good! Cheryl cjabdelnour@hotmail.com

Andrea said...

I have read a few of Peretti's books and my son loves his Cooper Kids Adventures. This looks like another winner.


rubynreba said...

I haven't read any of his books. I like to read about lost love found again!