Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Party

My nephew and niece both have birthdays this month, so my sister-in-law decided to have one big party for both. It was fun to celebrate their 2nd and 1st birthdays. They are growing up so quickly. The funniest thing for me was watching Grace devour her piece of cake. Patrick was a little more careful with his, but he’s 2 after all. Happy Birthday!

Patrick - 2

Grace - 1


Gladys Parker said...

Awe, no details lol They both look precious!
Gladys P

Unknown said...

You wanted to hear about the cake smashing? It was so cute! She dug right into that cake the minute it was set in front of her. She ate the entire piece fistful by fistful. After about half of it was gone, she just picked the whole piece up in her hands and chowed down. So cute. That's how she finished the whole thing too. :D