Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Have you noticed the odor drifting from your kids' rooms? Maybe it's the stinky diaper pail from the nursery. It could be the smelly gym shoes from your teenager's closet. Who knows, really. All we know is it's no fun and we want to get rid of it!

The product: This is where Scentportables excel. They can come into an unpleasant room and give a light scent. Best of all they can blend into the decor with the many different varieties. Your kids will love these little fragrances and how the jazz up their room. Plus you have the added benefit of a much fresher smell.

Slatkin & Co. Scentportables add fragrance and fun safely to any room or space-ideal for a child's bedroom, closet, playroom or even a diaper bag! No need to light a match or plug these into a dangerous outlet. The Scentportables safely clip on to furniture and decor and easily hang on hooks to create a lasting fragrance. Slip your favorite Slatkin & Co. scented refill disk into any one of these fun designs for fragrance that lasts up to six weeks! The refill disks are available in your favorite scents such as Lilac Blossom, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Coconut and Fresh Linen. Scentportables ($6.50) and refills ($5.00) are available at Bath & Body Works.

What we thought: They sent my son a green turtle Scentportable for his room. He was very excited right away and couldn't wait to find a place to put it. He ended up with the Caribbean scented Scentportable on his bedside table. He's been very pleased with it.

We've had his set up for about 2 months now. The scent is still going. I like that it's light and not overwhelming. I like that it freshens up my son's room. I like that it's easy to place anywhere you need it. Can you see I like this thing? I really do. The different designs are so cute, and it's easy to get refills of different scents to go with them all.

Where to buy: Scentportables by Slatkin & Co. are available from Bath & Body Works stores, online site and other online vendors.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*