Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seneca Farms Oatmeal

I don't know about you, but when I think about breakfast I want something that tastes good, is healthy, quick, and my son will love. That's a hard combination to live up to. But I have found something that fits all these and more.

The product: Seneca Farms Oatmeal is a ready made, ready-to-eat oatmeal. It comes in shelf-stable 2 packs. There are lots of great flavors for your family to choose from too. The newest flavors are Seneca Farms Cranberry Apple and Maple & Brown Sugar.
Seneca Farms Oatmeal is a quick to prepare, portable and nutritious oatmeal that provides an excellent source of Vitamin C without trans fat or cholesterol. It takes just 45 seconds to prepare in the microwave and requires no milk or water to be added. Currently available in Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Peach in 6-oz. microwavable cups, Seneca Farms Oatmeal can be found nationally at a wide variety of retail grocery stores. For a detailed store list, visit

What we thought: My son does not eat oatmeal. He used to a tiny bit when he was very young, but he hasn't much since then. I've tried flavored things, adding fun fruits that he likes, and more. Nothing seems to work. I think oatmeal is a hearty breakfast that would be a great start to his day, but he just won't eat it. And since there aren't too many things that this kid won't eat (I'm lucky, I know), I don't push it.

When I showed my son that we got the Seneca Farms Oatmeal to try, he was thrilled. Even though he won't normally touch oatmeal, he loves this stuff. I don't know what it is about it, but he's had all the varieties and liked them all. Score!

We enjoyed the Cranberry Apple the best, but all the Seneca Farms Oatmeal is great. You can quickly heat up the oatmeal in the microwave, or if you don't mind it at room temperature it is ready-to-eat. The one thing that I have a little issue with is the price of this oatmeal. It only comes in 2 packs, and they seem a little pricey to me for a single breakfast. Overall, though, we like this oatmeal really well.

Where to buy: You can find Seneca Farms Oatmeal in your local grocery store.

How to connect: You can learn more about Seneca Farms and find out about their products on their website- For a little more check out their blog too- And you can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

*Disclaimer: I received this product through the Family Review Network to review. All opinions are my own.*