Friday, January 13, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

Have you gone through a home remodel? If you've done any work on your house, you'll understand how much work it can be. But most of the time it is totally worth it when you are finished.

Before we had our son, we decided to remodel the only bathroom in our house. Our home is over 50 years old and everything in the bathroom was original. We ended up gutting our old-fashioned bathroom and starting from scratch. If you've remodeled, you know that's a lot of work.

It also means you have to pick out everything new. You need to decide on a sink, vanity, mirror, toilet, bathtub/shower, tile, bathroom lights, and everything else. It can be a bit overwhelming. You quickly learn that there are lots of choices and you have to get a good idea for what you want.

Starting over does give you a great opportunity to put your own mark on a room. Our old bathroom was all in musky pinks and light browns. But the previous owner had painted over the tiled walls and drywall with white. It was boring and plain. And the pink that showed through, plus the pink/brown tub, toilet and sink were far from what I liked. And the old flooring was carpet. Ugh, carpet is not fun in a bathroom. I chose neutral colors, like white for the toilet and tub, and tans/grays for the sink and flooring. Then I found a great vanity, and cabinet that I adored. I looked at contemporary bathroom lights and paint colors.

Once I got a feel for what I wanted in the bathroom, it was fun to pick everything out. And in the end I found a fun shower curtain with colors that I adore. I was able to match paint to the colors on that. Now our bathroom is much more vibrate and functional for our family. Remodeling comes with plenty of headaches (there are stories for another time), but I think it's worth it in the end.


Gladys Parker said...

It sounds like you had a good time with remodeling it, much fun! I have been able to do one with a low budget and out of nec. but it was fun being able to pick a few new pieces. I am looking forward to a porch within the next few years. Luv your blog!
Gladys P