Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Petjamas & Snugglebags for Pillowpets

Do your children have Pillow Pets? Maybe they got a new one for Christmas. Or perhaps they've had their beloved friend for a while. My son has a penguin and unicorn Pillow Pet. He loves them and often has them out to play with, sleep with, or take along when we're traveling. Now you can have some fun accessories and a good way to keep your Pillow Pets neat and tidy with Petjamas and Snugglebags.

Petjamas are changeable, washable covers for your favorite plush pillow toys. They are a combination pillow slipcover, outfit, and carrier for your favorite Pillow Pet. Petjamas are interchangeable and made of super soft materials and fit on your pillow toy like a glove. The fabric is ultra soft that's irresistible for any kids to snuggle with. It has pockets that store your treasures and belongings. And there is a convenient handle that makes it easy to grab on the go and bring with you anywhere. Go see all the different varieties available at

Perfect for sleepovers is the Snugglebags. They are reversible, washable sleeping bags for your favorite stuffed toys. Snugglebags are a combination pillow slipcover and sleeping bag for your favorite stuffed toys. Snugglebags are cushy, convertible and made of polyester fiber batting. They are versatile and the simple design fits a variety of sizes and styles of stuffed toys including Pillow Pets. The material they are made with is 100% polyester fiber batting, plus its water resistant material cleans easily and wears long. You can get the Snugglebags in Midnight Snack (blue/orange) or Dreamsicle (pink/purple). See more about them at

We got the black & white Petjamas to put on Zachariah's Penguin Pillow Pet, which is from the Quilty Collection. And we got the Midnight Snack Snugglebag. The Petjamas fit nicely over our Pillow Pet. It snuggles right in around the animals head and even has velcro closures on each side of the head. There is a nice handle that makes carrying the Pillow Pet very easy. I like that the Petjamas still allow you to fold the Pillow Pet with it's own velcro on the sides. There was a minor issue with the velcro coming unstitched from the Petjamas when it's closed. I'm not sure why this happened, but it's not a huge deal. But if left closed, I think our piece of velcro might completely come off.

The Snugglebag only comes in two colors. But those colors go fine with many of the Pillow Pet options. Since the Snugglebags are reversible, you can choose which color you'd like to see on the outside. These are just like miniature sleeping bags. It's the same silky fabric with a zipper down one side. And the great thing about the Snugglebag is that you can use it for other stuffed animals in addition to Pillow Pets. Our Pillow Pet fit nicely inside when it's unfolded, and there is plenty of room if you folded it up in there too. It's like having a little pet sleepover when your kids use this.

Petjamas and Snugglebags are recommend for children 3 and up. You can find both of these products online in the SnuggleTime store at Petjamas retail for $9.44 and Snugglebags for $12.99.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*