Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Out Right in 2012

Thank you to all of my loyal blog readers and contest entrants. I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope that you had a fabulous holiday season with your family and are already settling nicely into this new year.

My family had a great Christmas. We've been dealing with some illnesses, which is why you've seen some absences here at PS Mom Reviews for a few weeks. Between traveling for holidays my son and I have both been sick and seen doctors (which doesn't happen very often for either of us).

We are happy to be home now from all the traveling. My house is a mess of toys, new Christmas presents, and Christmas decorations that haven't come down yet. I have leftover holiday goodies filling up my kitchen as well. My goal is to work through all this stuff this week in between other things going on and back to school/work hectic-ness.

I have been thinking lately about some things that I really want to work on this year with this blog. I have some goals that I want to make and work towards. This blog has come a long way from where it started. The same things that worked when I began, aren't really working now. But my passion and enjoyment for this blog still remains. So I think it's time for a few changes.

A new year is always a good time to work on new goals in life, so that's what I'm doing for my blog as well. Here are some things that I'd like to work on here:

  • Write more personal posts.
  • Get to know my readers better.
  • Be more honest and less "advertisement" sounding with my reviews.
  • Get reviews written and giveaways posted within 4 weeks of receiving items and getting started with PR reps.
  • Find more big ticket items for review and giveaway for my readers.
  • Seriously consider purchasing my own URL.
  • Write about my crochet and knitting hobbies.
  • Purchase DSLR camera to take better product pictures of my own.
Thanks for being a fantastic reader and sticking with me through the ups and downs. I'm sure this year will be filled with lots of ups. I can't wait to see what's in store for my life and my blog.


Gladys Parker said...

Sorry to hear about your family illnesses. I hope all stays well now! Your plans sound great, Good Luck!
Gladys P

Unknown said...

I would love to know more about knitting! I have some of the same goals for my blog. Getting those reviews posted more quickly is a biggy! Amy B