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DidiPop Everyday Adventures CD

Maybe you remember hearing the name DidiPop here before. Well if you did, first of all you have a great memory, and secondly you're right. You have seen her music featured here before. Last year I review DidiPop Goes to Hawaii. DidiPop is a great children's music artist that my family has really enjoyed. And now she's at it again with a new CD called DidiPop Everyday Adventures.

A little more about Everyday Adventures:
Routine becomes magic as DidiPop sings her way into children's hearts. "Everyday Adventures," her new CD co-produced in Nashville with Brad Jones, bubbles with rhythmic delight. 
The lyrics deliver the empowering message that life can be a wonderland of fun, love and laughter. The song, "Yellow Car," inspired kids to count cars, make wishes and have fun driving with the family. "The Cool Alphabet Song" plays with sound as it both teaches and tickles imaginations. Later, in "Neferdidi," a dancing genie whisks children's [sic] to Paris. 
Among the lessons children learn through this CD are: counting, the alphabet, French vocabulary, how to feed pets, table etiquette, days of the week and months of the year. "Everyday Adventures" is a musical adventure for the whole family.

And a little about DidPop- A Decade of Adventures:
2001: Deborah Poppink creates "The DidiPop Show" at the request of Chris Carter (creator of "the x-files") and writes 6 original songs for the pilot. She teaches music and is known as "piano teacher to the stars" in Los Angeles. TV shows "The x-files" and "Jack and Jill" use her songs and she signs a world-wide publishing deal with Bug Music. 
2004: Deborah releases her grown-up CD and marries Bug Music president David Hirshland. She has Delilah and, after 20 years, takes a break from teaching and entertaining. 
2005-2008: Motherhood inspires a fresh batch of songs. She has Hannah at 43 and soon after heads to Nashville to record songs with Brad Jones. She creates her first YouTube video titled "The Cool Alphabet Song". The song receives a John Lennon Songwriting Award, the video goes viral and is licensed to an English language teaching program in Holland. She debuts at The House of Blues as DidiPop. 
2009: On a family vacation in Maui she writes the CD "DidiPop Goes To Hawaii" and records again with Brad Jones back in Tennessee. She hones her skills as an animator/videographer, developing a following on You Tube, and continues to perform. 
2011: She releases "DidiPop Goes To Hawaii", creates an eBook, publishes a monthly newsletter and is featured in Ladies' Home Journal. She produces a series of holiday music videos and local kindergarten classes perform her songs in their school concerts. "DidiPop Goes To Hawaii" is a hit with libraries around the country and goes up for Grammy consideration as best children's album. "The Hawaiian Alphabet Song" wins the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Wilco invites her to play at their Solid Sounds festival in Massachusetts and her YouTube views top the two million mark. She releases her latest children's music CD: "Everyday Adventures".

I think it's great when a mom can create things to help children and other moms. Deborah Poppink saw a way that she could reach children through music. And the music is great for children, moms and the whole family. We have enjoyed the latest CD Everyday Adventures. I like finding children's CDs that I don't mind hearing over and over when I'm in the car with my son. This one fits that bill! It will make a great addition to your children's music library. It's perfect for kids ages 1-7 years old.

You can learn more about DidiPop and her children's music at There is a beautiful photo of Deborah with her daughters and more about her and her passion for music. And she has a new blog that you might enjoy as well- You can see DidiPop's personal side and some of her YouTube creations as well.

You can purchase DidiPop's Everyday Adventures CD through her website-,, or on

*Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.*


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