Monday, January 23, 2012

Not You Too!

As a blog reader, one of my biggest pet peeves about blogs is partial feeds. If you read through blog posts in a feed reader, you know what I'm talking about.

I like being able to read a full blog post in my feed reader. Then if I really like the post, I will click through to your blog and leave a comment. (Or I will click through for a fun giveaway that I want to enter too.) But when I have to click through to your blog simply to read the rest of your post, about 99% of the time I won't do it. I don't like messing around. I want to be able to read through blog posts quickly, and save the ones I need to come back to. When I can't read a whole post, I lose interest quickly.

I understand that bloggers want more people to click through to their blogs. Maybe it's for stats or maybe it's for ad revenue. And honestly, those reasons don't bother me. We'd all be happy with better stats and a little extra money in our pockets. But you have to think about how many people this will turn me. How many of your readers will not bother clicking through?

How do you feel about this issue? As a blogger? Or as a blog reader? What do you think about partial feeds? Are you OK with clicking through to finish reading? Or are you like me and that blog probably won't last long in your reading list?


Susan Heim said...

I'm with you! I dislike partial feeds and usually don't bother clicking through to read the rest of the article unless it's a giveaway I want to enter. As a blogger myself, I definitely understand wanting readers to go to the site. But as a reader, I just don't have time to click through unless I'm absolutely certain I want to read the rest. If I can't tell what it's about from the title or first few lines, I move on.

Unknown said...

I read EVERYTHING in my google reader. Currently there are over 450 blog posts I have to go through this morning. If I am able to read the whole topic (like yours!) and find it interesting I usually click over comment and actually skim the blog too for giveaways and to connect with the blogger via Facebook, Twitter and such.

I am sorry I just cannot sit there and click every single "read more" button when the computer and internet are second to my child. If other readers want to do it then fine but I just don't have the time.

Becca said...

Im in complete agreement with you. I will not click to read more unless it is something I can't live without. I much prefer to read the whole thing without having to go to the blog, and then going if I want to leave a comment.

Unknown said...

It wasn't until I read this that the light went on in my head..... duh... I don't click through. Oh maybe every once in a while I would... but not very often. I fixed my feed to go out full post. Thank you for helping me wake up!!

Unknown said...

glad mine is set to full, lol!