Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot Tot: Hair Styling Products for Babies and Kids

Is your babies hair out of control? Does it make you batty trying to find a good hair care product for your kids that doesn't contain harmful chemicals? Or maybe it's just hard finding children's hair care products in general. I have a company that you'll want to check out for your kids' hair care needs.

Hot Tot is a new company started by a mom with a mission. Megan Gage, the founder of Hot Tot, was looking for salon-quality hair care products for kids without the harmful chemicals. Through a lot of research and work with others, Megan was able to make this happen. She started this company to improve the lives of children and promote a good self-image from an early age.

Another important thing that Hot Tot is passionate about it having a good eco-friendly business. They employ eco-friendly business practices. And a portion of the sales go to charities that benefit children. They can help others and their customers at the same time.

Hot Tot carries a variety of products. You will find Sweet Pea Serum that will give your little tot an adorable curl. Their Conditioning Detangler and Styling Gel help make hair more manageable. Or for a little more style you might like their Structure Whip and Finishing Mist. And the Spotless Tot is a gentle hair and body cleanser for babies and kids. They also have apparel with their logo for babies and children. To learn more about the products, what they do and what they are made with please visit their website-

We got to try some samples of the Styling Gel and Structure Whip. The styling gel was great for when Zachariah need a little extra control. It helps his hair stay put and helps the frizzy stuff. The structure whip is perfect for fancier styles that need some hold. For my little guy that means spikes and faux-hawks from time to time. These are great for styling his hair without the worries of unwanted chemicals.

For us the gel and structure whip we only use them once in a while. However, it is handy and helpful to have on hand. I am definitely interested in trying the Spotless Tot very soon. This is something that would be easy to use for my son.

You can get these Hot Tot products at a variety of retailers and online stores. Just look here for places near you-

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*


a2zbaby said...
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Andrew said...

Thanks for posting this review. I have read quite a bit about this product and its appearance on Shark Tank. At this point, I am curious about whether this is (a) a truly innovative haircare product or (b) good marketing.

Based on the Shark Tank presentation, Hot Tot seems to be fundamentally different from existing haircare products on account of its ingredients and fragrance. But, I don't see any patents or patent applications filed. You would expect a truly "new" composition to be subject to patent applications: