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"A hidden gem! Great messages for kids...takes the important messages we want our kids to learn and embrace, but presents them in a way that's fun and unassuming."
- Common Sense Media review of Recess Music's Celebrate Earth

"Really nice tunes for environmentally conscience kids and parents."
- Lahri Bong, 2011 Parents' Choice Award review of Recess Music's Ocean Motion

"A wonderfully catchy and uplifting children's music album. Highly recommended."
- Midwest Book Review review of Recess Music's Wild Child

ST. PAUL, MN (September 18, 2011) - Recess Music, a company dedicated to helping kids value a world that is wise, fair, and generous hearted, has launched its "Best Foot Forward" series of CDs with Big Bully (Big Round Records, $12.99, for ages 4-11, run time 43 minutes).

One could consider Recess Music's "Best Foot Forward" series the musical complement to a hip, up-to-date, and entirely relevant "course in manners" that reinforces a profound subtext and encourages kids to be the very best they can be. Almost all children want to have friends and be good playmates, but to achieve these objectives they must learn key social structures and conventions, such as how to say, "I'm sorry" or how to live by the rule of "no put-downs" toward others. Big Bully presents songs promoting these healthy, positive ideas by asking the question "Why can't we just be friends?" The album also provides a good antidote to the violence and bad manners that permeate so many video games and television shows.

The folks at Recess Music hope that Big Bully will help to encourage discussion among parents, children, and educations about harmony, understanding, social justice, and global peace, as well as the particular challenges caused by the unfortunate presence of intimidation and bullying behavior on our social landscape.

Features artists on Big Bully include such kids' music luminaries as Milkshake, The Hipwaders, and Renee & Jeremy. The album opens with The Uncle Brothers' wonderfully alliterative, two-beat country tune, "Bully Bubba," explaining why bullies do the things they do and providing solid, practical advice: When you ignore them, they will go away! In up-to-date folk style, Nancy Tucker's "Most Valuable Player" pays tribute to doing the right thing, declaring, "No matter what the scoreboard said, that kid came out a winner." The Hipwaders encourage kids to develop a positive attitude to behavioral consequences with their upbeat song "Time In Time Out," while Mary Kaye's "Mean Ogre" features a really mean orge singing about refusing to change. The country/rock "Me Last Attitude" by The Happy Crowd helps foster a gracious attitude that includes thinking of others first. Milkshake's  colorful, rocking "Enemies" portrays best friends who, unfortunately, sometimes act like enemies. "One and Only Me" by Janet's Planet and "I Can Make a Difference" by J.P. Taylor & The Academics emphasize self-understanding and self-validation. The Hill Brothers have fun with "Vicious Vinnie," a droll minor key song in praise of "talking it out" with teachers. Susan Salidor's lovely ukulele waltz "I'm Sorry" offers a variety of ideas for how to apologize. More good advice for kids is given on Lyle Cogen's rap, "No Put Downs," and Lou Del Bianco's "Bad Day Today." In Leslie Bixler's lyrical "Can You Imagine?" the focus is on empathy, with children being taken through situations where they "take a while in someone else's shoes." Glenn Colton shares more insights about bullies on "Don't Bully Me," singing "Bullies are like babies in disguise." Renee & Jeremy bring the album to a peaceful close with their mellow "Wishing Well," a song conveying wishes of peace, love and well-being to all.

Regarding the "Best Foot Forward" series, Recess Music's founder Nancy Doan explains, "Every person has, at one time or another, attempted some level of self improvement. Perhaps a book on table manners before the first big dinner-and-dance date for the freshman in high school, or a lesson on how to compose an official report to the boss. It's about putting out 'Best Good Forward.' We, as a society, value being organized, mannerly, fair, and appropriate in out day-to-day exchanges with others. For our children, the first experience in the sand box or on the swing set often provides a simple lesson in taking turns or considering the feelings of a new playmate. None of these ideas are new. They are, in fact, universal. Kindness, sharing, understanding, being thankful, and seeking peace are central to the human experience for each generation. These are the concepts upon which our 'Best Foot Forward' albums are based."

While experiencing a multi-faceted life as a mother, wife, and minister, Nancy Doan became convinced of the need to make the world a better place through a two-fold approach: sustaining our environment and teaching kindness. Because music held a prominent place in both hr own childhood and her experiences as a mother, Nancy developed an appreciation of the power of music as an educational tool.. When the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus dictated a career change, she cast about for a way to continue to serve the causes to which she had dedicated her life. This search ultimately led to the creation of Recess Music, as a company dictate to the twin goals of environmental awareness and social empathy through its "Celebrate Earth" and "Best Foot Forward" series of recordings.

The second "Best Foot Forward" series CD is UR SOME 1. The album highlights self-esteem and will be released in October 2011. Fall 2012 will see the release of the third "Best Foot Forward" CD, Someone Else's Shoes, which will focus on understanding and empathy for others.

Fulfilling its declared mission of entertaining, encouraging, and educating children and families about the wonders of our planet through the "Celebrate Earth" series of CDs, Recess Music has released four "Celebrate Earth" albums, beginning with Celebrated Earth in spring 2010. Growing Veggie Coup followed, with songs chosen for their focus on gardening and sustainable farming practices. The music of Ocean Motion, the award-winning third installment of the "Celebrate Earth" music series, is dedicated to the understanding and preservation of the worlds' ocean life and its habitats. Wild Child, released in August 2011, is a collection with a focus on the wonders of Africa. Next in the series, in spring 2012, will be La Bella Stella, a celebrating of our universe.

Bully Bubba - The Uncle Brothers
Most Valuable Player - Nancy Tucker
Time In Time Out - The Hipwaders
Mean Ogre - Mary Kaye
Me Last Attitude - The Happy Crowd
Enemies - Milkshake
One and Only Me - Janet's Planet
Vicious Vinnie - The Hill Brothers
I'm Sorry - Susan Salidor
I Can Make a Difference - J.P. Taylor & The Academics
No Put Downs - Lyle Cogen
Bad Day Today - Lou Del Bianco
Can You Imagine - Leslie Bixler
Don't Bully Me - Glenn Colton
Wishing Well - Renee & Jeremy

As you can see Big Bully is a great CD for children and families. The wide musical styles will appeal to everyone in your family. The fun lyrics are great for your kids. They will love singing and dancing along. And as a parent or grandparent you know that the music your kids are listening to is good quality, great lyrics, and even teaching them about not being bullied.

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