Friday, January 13, 2012

FoundIt {Giveaway - Ends 1/27} (CLOSED)

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Have your kids ever lost anything? If you answered no, I'll be shocked. Kids don't always keep track of their things. They get distracted or just forget easily. At one time or another they could lose something important,  and it is a very frustrating experience.

FoundIt! helps return lost things to their owners. It's simple to use. They provide you stickers and tags to put on yours or your children's items. You are assigned an ID number that is on all the labels and tags that you have. Your contact information is not on the tags. When someone finds your lost item, they call or text the number right on the tag and give the ID number. FoundIt! will then contact you, the owner, through email or a phone call.

If you find an item that has a FoundIt! sticker, you'll see it's easy to contact them to return a person's item. You can text the phone number for FoundIt! on the item, or you can go to their website to enter the information at When you find something, you can choose how you want the owner to contact you and include your information. So simple, and of course it's so nice to return people's lost things.

FoundIt! offers several packages with different prices. The Starter package is available for only $9.99. The Starter Package includes: 1 year access to the FoundIt! Network; Your own unique FoundIt! ID; and starter pack of 10 FoundIt! stickers. If you're looking for a little more, you can try the Premium package for $16.99. The Premium Package includes: 2 years membership to the FoundIt! Network ($8.50/year); Your own unique FoundIt! ID; 36 FoundIt! stickers & more next year; Keychain tag: 2 bag/backpack tags; and FoundIt! ID card/luggage tag. Or the largest package, which is great for families, is the MacDaddy Package for $29.99. The MacDaddy Package has 3 years membership to the FoundIt! Network ($10.00/year); Your own unique FoundIt! ID; 62 FoundIt! stickers & more each year; 2 keychain tags; 4 backpack/bag tags; 2 round tags (pet tags!); and a FoundIt! ID card/luggage tag.

FoundIt! can be used for anything. You can protect your children's backpack, lunch box, toys, electronics and more. Or you can use it for other things for yourself and other adults. Great things to keep tabs on are e-readers, iPods, iPads, laptops, luggage, purse and so much more. You will feel better knowing that your things at least have the chance to be returned to you if you should lose them.

I think the FoundIt! system is a great idea. The labels are great for placing on small items, and then the tags can be added to bags and keychains. I'm always afraid that I will lose something that won't be found. If it is found how will someone know how to return it. These are labeled well and makes it so easier for the finder to get in touch with the person who lost it without the owner having to display their phone number on everything.

The only thing I would like to see different about FoundIt! is that they have smaller stickers available. The small ones aren't quite small enough to place discretely on my little items like my camera. But the sizes they do have are great for many items, like my cell phone, Nook, and my son's backpack too.

The FoundIt! system is great and makes a good New Year Resolution too. It will be one less thing for you to keep track of this year, knowing that your and your kids' important items are protected. Just visit to get started today!

You can enter to win your own FoundIt! MacDaddy package to protect your family's things. (This is a 3 year package!) Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*


Beth R said...

The kids bikes

Gladys Parker said...

I'd have our electronics, prefer my dog but I don't see that as an option.
Gladys Parker
sps1113 at yahoo dot com

SavingsInSeconds said...

I would put this on my daughter's DS...and maybe my camera!

Jeni Mitchell said...

I would definitely be using this on my portable electronics. I concur with sueparks2003 regarding labeling my dogs. Perhaps a way would be found.

Jen Karter said...

Probably my husbands smaller electronics...he loses them all the time.

Anonymous said...

electronics, esp. ipod

star84vu said...

Definitely electronics!